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Our Nutrition PackagesDieting is hard at the best of times, so let us make it easier for you!

Personalised Nutrition

Nutrition and diet are hotly debated topics in the fitness industry, with many different opinions on which diet plan is the ‘best.’ From the South Beach and Atkins Diet, to Paleo and the 5:2, it can be really confusing deciding which one to choose. Most personal trainers will tell you that nutrition accounts for 70-80% of your overall success.

At Hall Training Systems we don’t put an exact figure on it, but emphasise that a successful nutrition plan is one based around the individual, not the latest fad or something that worked for another client. We will never recommend the latest fad or meal replacement. We believe in creating enjoyable, sustainable plans for each of our nutrition clients.

Our Nutrition Stage SystemA proven method for success!

Small steps can make a huge difference!

Unfortunately, diet is the most important element when it comes to results, but it’s also the most difficult to stick to. Our nutrition stage system is designed to make sure your progress is both effective and sustainable, ensuring you get to grips with the basics before the complexity increases. The stages allow you to meet one small milestone before you move onto the next, ensuring your new nutrition plan isn’t overwhelming and allowing you to stay focused. In order to progress to the next stage you must satisfy all the requirements of your current level, ensuring you stay motivated and keep seeing results!

Our Nutrition Stage System
Data Collection and FeedbackWe gather in-depth information, which helps us design a nutrition plan that’s bespoke to you.
Water and Protein intakeWe calculate the correct daily water and protein intake targets for you, giving you new goals to meet each week.
To Promote a Balanced DietWe teach you the foundations of a healthy diet and how to make good food choices, identifying the benefits of single ingredient foods over processed foods.
Getting SpecificThis is when the plan really starts to address your needs, with increased and more specific guidance.
Advanced Nutritional StrategiesThis is our ‘secret weapon’ in the fat loss journey! We only implement it when your initial fat loss starts to plateau.
Personal Testing and Blood WorkOnce everything else has been addressed, this stage helps provide us with additional information on the ins and outs of your body at a biochemical level, helping us ensure continued progress.
The building blocks to a good diet

Consumption of these three macronutrients and the calories they provide will have a huge impact on a person’s body, including how they look, feel and perform. A diet should always be unique to a person and their lifestyle. Here at Hall Training Systems we closely monitor changes in a client’s calorie intake, food choices, meal timings, and see how these changes affect them. As Lucretius once said, “What is food to one man may be fierce poison to another.”

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Total Kcals

Proteins, fats and carbohydrates together make up a total macronutrient count, providing the body with a total caloric amount of energy that is required to carry out daily tasks. If we wish to lose weight then our total caloric intake must be lower than is needed to maintain daily activities.

How much protein do I need?

Download our FREE infographic and discover how much protein you should be consuming based on your training and activity levels!