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Oxford's leading personal training service in nutrition, performance and fat loss. Call us on 01865 575 295
The Hall Training TeamMeet the team behind your success!

Get to know Chris - Founder and Executive Trainer

As the founder of Hall Training Systems I’ve made it my mission to provide you with the very best personal training experience. Hall Training is not just Oxford’s leading personal training service, we are pioneering a new path towards health and fitness for our members, always delivering the very best service in nutrition, performance and weight loss. To date, over 2,000 clients have benefited from a healthier lifestyle and a new way of living thanks to our team. As well as being an executive trainer, I am a qualified nutritionist specialising in weight loss and health. I am also a regular contributor for the Huffington Post, where I share my knowledge and experience.

I train all of my clients at Studio PT, in Summertown.

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Get to know Owen - Senior Trainer

I'm a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, red wine novice and approximately 3% fluent in Italian, but first and foremost I am a personal trainer. I'm a firm believer in designing totally bespoke programmes that work for each of my clients and help them achieve their goals in the most efficient way possible, while allowing them to enjoy their training.

I'm based in Pure Gym Central.

Get to know Michael - Senior Trainer

I’m a biological sciences graduate, accomplished triathlete, snowboarder, (bad) surfer, Muai Thai-er, musician, perfectionist (apparently), lover of coffee, pizza, lifting heavy things and a dog owner. Most importantly, I am committed to making people better. I believe that is about balance; whilst achieving peak physical fitness is great, there’s no point in being fit, healthy and awesome if it means leading a monk-like existence of sacrifice and little self-fulfilment. You can get the results you’re after while enjoying and living life the way you want.

I train my clients at The Athlete Centre.

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Get to know Becky - Personal Trainer

I specialise in endurance performance and strength training, specifically for women, although I do have male clients too! I have a particular interest in helping women get into the weights room and understand how strength training can really help them to achieve their goals, whether its to complete a 10k or sculpt their body. This interest sprung from my own training as an Oxfordshire County 800m runner. I do a mix of track sessions, cross country running and olympic weightlifting, and I am a firm believer that anyone, no matter their age or ability, can reach their health and fitness goals with the right support.

I operate out of Studio PT, Summertown.

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Get to know Pete - Personal Trainer

I was always into sport at school and at university, and played rugby to a high level. While at uni, I realised that I wanted to share my love of health and fitness with others, and started training as a PT. I love seeing people reach their goals and achieve personal bests, whether it’s to lose weight, improve sports performance or improving health markers. While there is never a substitute for hard work, I know it would have been a lot easier to get where I am today with somebody to guide me and make sure I was working smart as well as hard. My training at the moment is focussed on getting into the best possible shape for a return to rugby after a two year break - I love pushing my body to the limit!

I work at Pure Gym Central.

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Get to know George - Junior Trainer

When I first started training I just wanted to get big and strong but soon became fascinated with how the body works as a whole, and how I could create the healthiest body possible for myself. This led me to help others achieve the same goal. I personally can’t imagine anything more satisfying than passing on my knowledge to others so they can overcome the same problems that I faced. The biggest mistake I see in people is trying to do too much too fast. They want to get into shape and think they’re going to go from doing nothing to doing 1000 push ups every day starting tomorrow. It’s not going to last - it’s all about habits - start with something manageable, make it part of your lifestyle and it’ll stick for the long term

I work at Pure Gym Central.

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Get to know Tobi - Junior Trainer and Massage Therapist

I have always been into sport - particularly athletics and football. But at university, where I studied Sports Therapy, I made a few bad lifestyle choices and gained a lot of weight. Eventually, I decided that enough was enough, and made changes to get back into shape. Now, I want to share that experience with other people. As well as being a PT, I specialise in injury prevention and rehabilitation, sports massage and pre and post-natal exercise. I usually train three times per week, with the goal to feel comfortable and confident in my own body. If you’re looking for a trainer who has faced the same struggles as you to lose weight, then I’m your guy and can help you achieve your goals.

I am based in Pure Gym Cowley.

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Get to know Georgey - PA and PR Manager

Although I am a gym lover, I am not a personal trainer - I am the head of PR and HR at Hall Training. My job is to get Hall Training and our top class the recognition they deserve and so far that has seen us featured in publications like The Daily Mail, OK! Magazine, Women's Fitness, The Independent and Women's Running magazine, to name just a few. I also look after our incredible community, and organise our events, whether they are the seminars the trainers speak at, community events or exhibitions. I get the message out there when it comes to all the amazing work the trainers do and the insight they have into training and nutrition. This makes me the first port of call for new clients, the Oxford community and journalists alike.

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