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Georgey's 12 week transformation - week 8

[Georgeys 12 week transformation journey]

[Georgey's 12 week transformation journey]


I’ll be to the point: my weekend in Belgium didn’t go exactly as planned. Although my eating was okay (the calories lacking from my mussels were balanced out my all the steak and frites I ate, and my breakfasts were perfect), I drank far too much beer. Luckily this occurred only on the Saturday, and I was too tipsy to manage any dinner, so my calorie count was probably about right, even if my nutrition was miles off. I came back half a kilo heavier than I was before I left, and didn’t drop any body fat on Monday. Bear in mind this was doing 45 minutes of cardio per day when we were out there… this leaning up malarkey isn’t easy!

BUT since we got back, I have dropped two kilos. That stubborn scale weight finally seems to realise that my body is getting rid of fat and now it’s playing catch up. I arrived back in the UK to another de-load week, but as I was feeling strong I kept the intensity up a bit and also maintained my three hours of cardio. I’ll find out what the results are tomorrow but like last de-load week, it was lovely to take a small step back and have a bit of a rest.

I only have four weeks left (argh!) of the transformation programme. I can certainly see a difference from when I started, and because there is such a finite time period left my motivation is through the roof. Those of you who know me will know how much I used to hate cardio – suddenly I love it. It’s my best friend. I can happily do an hour on the cross trainer listening to my super-cheesy playlist. In fact, I went to do two cardio sessions today. That’s right, two. I don’t recognise myself. I need a new hole in my belt. What has this diet done with the real Georgey?

By the end of Week 9 I don’t think I will be quite so upbeat. We have just painstakingly calculated how many calories I will need per day if I want to get to my target, and the deficit is pretty big. Forget that, it’s actually massive. As well as creating the deficit through even less food and even more cardio, I will also have four weights sessions and one metabolic session to do. That means at least twelve trips to the gym each week, which is a lot, even if you want to do cardio twice per day. It’s only four weeks that I need to keep it up for though – the end is in sight and having put in so much hard work already I really hope I end up looking how I want to! There’s still a long way to go, hence the brutality of the regime.

No more beer or trips to Belgium for me! Just lots of chicken, turkey and green veg… Have a mince pie for me!

Until next week,
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Posted on 13th December 2016, 07:21 AM by Georgina RoutenReport this post
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