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Get Bond Body Ready

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James Bond has been gracing our screens since 1962, and has become a symbol of the British gentleman. The quintessential bad boy, every woman wants him, while every man wants to be him. We are used to seeing Bond in action behind the wheel, out in the field and even in the bedroom, but what does Bond get up to in the gym?
As well as dashing looks and charisma, 007 needs total body strength, explosive power and a fast sprint speed to keep his licence to kill. Here are our top ten exercises you need to get Bond Body Ready:

  1. The Pull UpCHIN UP
    Why: Pull-ups will help develop Bond's lat (back) and grip strength ready to climb a lift shaft or pull himself onto a helicopter. Another benefit is the range of progressions. If a pull-up (with palms away from you) is difficult to master, start with some chin-ups and build up from there. If they’re easy and you can knock out 20 in a row in true Bond style, put a weight belt on, or lower yourself down more slowly. You’ll be ready to clamber up scaffolding in to time.

  2. Garhammer Raises/Hanging KneeGARHAMMER RAISES
    Why: These are very useful for developing the lower abdominals and increasing core strength, and would be essential for escaping when you’re chained hanging to a drain pipe, or creating an explosive kick when hanging from a building. Sit ups are another option for developing impressive abs: striding out of the sea onto a pure white beach is one of Bond’s favourite past times, and if you want the 007-life, you need to look the part! Plus they are a key part of the field agent fitness test, as we saw in Skyfall.

  3. Box JumpsBOX JUMPS
    Why: Jumping from one rooftop to another requires a great deal of explosive power and strength. Box jumps would be a great exercise to help build up the ability for the lower body to generate force and power

  4. Split SquatSPLIT SQUAT
    Not an overly sexy exercise, but strength and conditioning coaches use the split squat as a key exercise when it comes to developing kicking power. Ideal for delivering some 'kick-ass' moves in hand-to-hand combat.


  5. Back SquatBACK SQUAT
    Why: The back squat will be a valuable exercise for Bond as he'll need a string and powerful lower body for when he's in a chase, jumping from building to building or busting down locked doors.


  6. DeadliftDEADLIFT
    Why: Despite the deadlift being a key player at developing overall lower body strength it will be very efficient for when Bond knocks out his opponents and needs to throw them over his shoulder to carry them somewhere out of sight; especially when he needs to be stealthy 


    Why: Having a strong chest and triceps will help Bond lift himself up and out of any sticky situation. Whether he needs to lift himself up onto the enemy’s boat, or just climb out of an infinity pool, developed triceps will certainly help.

  8. Incline Barbell PressINCLINE BARBELL PRESS
    Why: In the event of being trapped under rubble or in close hand-to-hand combat the incline BB press will have developed Bond's upper pec muscles, shoulders and triceps, giving Bond super upper body strength.

  9. Standing Barbell Bicep CurlBICEP BARBELL CURLS
    Why: Does he really need a reason? Everyone man loves to curl… But it would be essential for when he needs to get his guns out (pardon the pun) and of course, for attracting the famous Bond Girls.



  10. Glute-Ham Raise/Nordic Hamsting CurlNORDIC HAMSTRING CURLS
    Why: This is probably the hardest lower body exercise Bond has to tackle but definitely one of the most rewarding. The glute-ham raise (GHR) effectively strengthens the hamstrings at both the knee and the hip joint by working it through knee flexion and hip extension simultaneously. Coaches have long used this to improve sprinting speed and jumping; vital for when Bond is chasing his energy across rooftops and high-rises. If you don't have access to a GHR machine then you could subsitute it for the Norkdic hamsting curl. Although it will only work the hamstings at the knee joint it'll still help develop their strength and power.

    Along with a well-designed strength programme featuring the exercises above, Bond would also need to add in some of the following skill and Cardiovascular work such as:

    • Martial art training i.e Krav Maga,
    • Parkour
    • Interval training
    • Swimming


    Now I can only Spectre-late as to what Bond gets up to when he’s in the gym but one thing I know for certain is when it comes to having his post workout protein, Bond prefers it "shaken not stirred!"


    Think you have what it takes to become an MI6 agent?
    Then let's put that to the test! Download Body Body Programme

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As the founder of Hall Training Systems, it is my mission to provide you with the very best personal training experience. I set up Hall Training Systems as Oxford's leading personal training service in nutrition, performance and weight loss, ensuring I can deliver the very best in training techniques.
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Diet and exercise are the founders of fit body.And fitness guide are the support system for the same.They work on our fitness. I had very good experience with fitness guide.

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