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Genetic TestingUnleash your full potential!

Interpreting your DNA to help build muscle and lose body fat

Our philosophy is to believe in the power of the individual, delivering a personal training service that's truly personal to the client. No cookie cutter templates, no generic nutrition plans or watered-down service. We hate second guessing and pride ourselves on delivering a service that is evidence-based, bringing about 'results through science!'

We've teamed up with FitnessGenes who analyse 43 genes related to fitness, nutrition and performance. When combined with environmental data, your individual genetic profile can provide our trainers with a clear view on how your body responds to exercise and diet, and tells us exactly how you should train to fulfil your genetic potential.

Your genetic blueprint

FitnessGenes analyses the genes associated with training and nutrition to give us a detailed overview of your body's genetic profile and the types of training and nutrition you would benefit from the most.

Your diet genes

Structuring and sticking to a diet can be hard work. We look at the genes that influence how you respond to particular foods that may cause you to gain weight, or which affect whether you feel full after meals. We can even look into whether you're genetically tolerant to lactose and how well you deal with caffeine. All of this genetic information is used by our trainers to create a diet plan tailored to your needs.

Your fitness genes

The genes analysed indicate how you may respond to both power, strength and endurance workouts. They'll be able to inform us how best to structure your workouts to maximise your muscle gains, while optimising fat loss. We'll be able to see whether you're built for speed or endurance work, high volume or low volume training and even how likely you are to develop strength and muscle size! Your genetic blueprint is used by our trainers to design your training programmes - no guess work here!

Workout volume example

Genetic Blueprint

How it works

We use your FitnessGene's Blueprint as a tool, but it's important to make you aware we don't work on commission. In fact, quite the opposite. We've made sure to pass the commission on to our clients and as a result, we're able to offer tests at 10-15% off RRP. We've done this with our clients in mind, to ensure we deliver an unrivaled service and help our clients out in every way we can.

So if you want to begin unlocking your genetic potential, you're in the right place!